My goodwill find

I got a sweater today in the funniest blue…
it is
Acrylic (tiny bit)
and Angora…

It is done raglan style so I can find one end, snip, and the whole thing will come unravled!!! lol…thinking these would make some pretty cool socks eh??? :slight_smile:

oh, forgot to add, it was 4.50. I just might NOT unravel…it’s soooo soft!!! but I can seriously see me in my baby pink clogs and these socks…

WOW! thats a deal :wink: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

:sunglasses: cool find…can’t wait to see your socks :wink:

I love thrift stores! :heart: I can find designer names on every rack. I once even found a Custo Barcelona shirt…but I digress!

Great find on your sweater. Show us some before and after pics!


That is so cool!

When you say it’s the funniest blue, I have to agree. Can we see it? Huh? Please? :smiley:

Ok, since you asked so nicely!! :slight_smile: lol…

I “think” this is the color…I took it outside for the best rep. and it is a cloudy day, so there shouldn’t be TOO much overexposure…

That is pretty! It would make a great pair of socks! :thumbsup:

Very pretty! Lots of socks in that one. :wink:

THANKS…I just got my MP3 player, and am going to do the mystery socks on the mystery pod cast…(check out for the specific link)…

ya, LOTSO socks on that …it’ll be fun…:slight_smile:

the closeup is the closest in color…can’t wait to get my piggy toes in em. :slight_smile: