My Frustration with Little Knits (edited 3/23)

Hi all,

Just wanted to vent a bit cause I am so steamed :!!!: that it has taken so long to get my yarn from LittleKnits. I ordered the stuff on the 2nd of March and I just got a notice that due to a train delay my package is still somewhere in Massachusetts and probably won’t get here until Monday. :wall: :wall: :wall:

I guess that is what you get when you pay standard shipping and order online from across the country.

Just wanted to let you all know that they aren’t quite so snappy in delivering the goods, even though the price is nice.

So if you have a project you want to get to anytime soon, either upgrade the shipping and pay extra or go to your LYS.

I’m so disappointed. I was really looking forward to being snowed in with my Noro Big Kureyon and making my market bag. :verysad:

That sucks. I just ordered NORO from them about two weeks ago. I ordered on Thursday, March 1st, and got it Monday, March 5th. I didn’t pay extra shipping…

I wonder what happend.

Hmmm…I’ve only had good experiences ordering from them too.

It sounds like this might be one of those unusual things. Was the yarn on backorder?

Hang in there.

My orders have gotten to me quickly, too. What a shame for you. :pout:

I’m so sorry! I ordered from them yesterday and it shipped the same day. I hope mine gets here fast. There’s nothing worse than waiting around for yarn!

Well that sucks. I’ve gotten quick service from them. So tragic, you without your yarn, and your poor yarn, sitting on some cold train in MA, all alone, frightened . . .

:pout: I’m sorry… I have always gotten my orders from them quick as well… only problem I had was my very first order but they couldn’t get to the shop cause of the weather… once they got to the shop it took them no time to get the order to me… I hope you get it soon…

I had a small problem w/ them on my first order. For some reason my card wasn’t charged and it hadn’t been shipped. But when I called I spoke to the owner who was really nice and got everything taken care of right away. It’s been shipped, now I’m just waiting for it to get here. I would probably be more upset if the yarn was for something I was itching to cast on.

You are on the same coast as they are – I wonder if that made the difference?


(Just what I needed – a pity party! – You’d think I didn’t have anything OTN to finish. Poor, poor me :flirt: )

That stinks! I have always had good luck ordering from them.

I had no problems ordering from Little Knits. Maybe the past three weeks of blizards, severe thunderstorms, flooding & tornadoes from the northern midwest down to the Gulf of Mexico may be the cause. I usually get items from a bookstore in Washington state within 7 days from placing my order to me in the Mid-West, but recently waited 2 weeks and 3 days. I blame the recent weather this past month for the delay.

Were I live we received almost 4 feet of snow over two weekends, and traveling was a mess to the point flights were canceled & delayed for days, stores closed early, and mail was delayed.

Weather in other parts of the county indirectly affects us, too.

:hug: I hope your yarn arrives soon. :hug:

It could be. Are there weather problems out thata way? I know how hard it is to wait for yarn, when you want it NOW!!! Especially when they say shipping will only take ____ long.

The first time I ordered from Knitpicks it took a little over 3 weeks to get my yarn. Of course I ordered it when everyone in the midwest and north east were snowed in and thought they’d never get out.

Because of that my yarn got stuck between Ohio and here. But the next time I ordered from them it only took 5 days to get to me.

For all our modern conviencies sometimes Mother Nature will still win.

I hope you get your yarn soon!

Unfortuantly the company cannot be blamed for a delay onroute to your location. If the package should be lost, then they are responsiable to replace or refund your purchase. However it sucks when things are delayed like my knitpicks right now is on it’s 15th day missing :pout: I did however call the company and they will be sending out another package to me. I hope yours get to you sooner than mine will. Until then :hug:


I feel a little better – just got an email from Sue at Little Knits – it won’t make my order get here any faster (besides we are being slammed with snow after it being close to 70 degrees just a couple of days ago so I can’t imagine anything getting anywhere on time here in the Northeast) but it helped to be acknowledged.

Now you can all go about your business and feel free to order from LittleKnits as before. (I know you were all planning a huge boycott in my honor :teehee: )



Sorry about your stuff being delayed, it’s really FRUSTRATING :!!!: when you want to get cracking on something and your left waiting.

I’ve been trying to work out the US Mail system for some time now (relentless optimist) - I just don’t know why it is that if I mail something from the UK, it takes about three days to reach California and about 10 days to get to Maine.

Stuff I’ve sent to MN by International Signed For has taken almost two weeks, yet early in February my friend received a card from me about three days after I’d mailed it.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful - fingers crossed your package will arrive soon.

All the Best

You are on the same coast as they are – I wonder if that made the difference?[/quote]

I don’t think so. I’m in MA and have ordered from them twice recently and had everything get here quickly.

I also have ordered from Littleknits and both times the package was late… the 1st time was about 2 weeks the second about 1 week… BUT BOTH TIMES… they emailed to tell me what had happened and apologized for the inconvenience and refunded my express delivery charge both times~ 'I think the weather is just a huge obstacle for them…
BUT: I STILL :heart: :heart: THEM: because I :heart: :heart: their prices or nicer yarns AND they give good customer service to let me know what happened and they try to make it right for me :thumbsup:

That is GOOD customer service in my mind: BUT got fingers crossed your goodies get here soon~ :pray:

I don’t know…I had a semi-bad experience with them. It’s a very long story, so I’ll try to condense it. I ordered 3 skeins of Lady Godiva (about $90 total), and wanted to exchange it for a different color. Called them, was told it was fine. Sent it back to them via UPS to the address that was on the packing slip.

3 weeks went by, and no response. I called, left messages, wrote emails. Nothing. This really pissed me off. So finally I got ahold of Sue, who told me she knew nothing of it, never received it, never authorized a return. Of course, by that point I was freaking out. $100 worth of yarn gone. And she wan’t very nice about the whole thing either. But after a little big, she softened and helped me track it down. Turns out the address on the packing slip was an old address at their PREVIOUS location (gee, thanks for letting me know) and when UPS couldn’t find them, they shipped the package back to me. I haven’t received it yet.

In Little Knits defense, they are going to ship the correct color back to me with free shipping. But I will probably not be ordering from them again any time soon. :frowning:

I’ll be careful. Thanks for the tip, I hate it when online yarn stores are like that.