My Froggy

Here is a froggy that I made for a friend’s little one. It’s only a teeny bit late as Holly was born in January.:doh:

This baby was supposed to be knit flat as 7 separate pieces (face, lower body, back, and 4 spearate legs). There was no way I was going to seam up this teeny little guy so with a little help from my LYS, I adapted the pattern so it could be knit in the round. The arms are a single length of i-cord that I just pulled through the body (same with the legs). This was super-easy. I wasn’t quite sure how to close up the top of the head so it’s a bit lumpy but overall, I think he’s cute. :slight_smile: Now I just have to wrap him and send him off.

Awww! He’s very cute!

Very cute!

very cute

Froggy went a courtin’. Such a sweetie.

that is just adorable! :yay:
what pattern did you use? it would be perfect for a teacher i know.

I found the pattern in a book (I’ll have to check which one when I get home tonight) but really altered it a lot. My froggy was knit on dpns and I didn’t stripe his arms and legs. The finished froggy looks almost identical to the original pattern.

The original pattern is the Leapin’ Lizard from Family Circle Easy Toys.

Per the pattern, the body is knit as three separate pieces and the arms and legs are knit as four separate pieces, knit flat and then seamed into tubes. If you would like my adaptations, pm me. I’ll be happy to give you my version but you’ll have to work out how to close the top of the head yourself. It was definitely the most difficult part for me.

That’s adorable!

So cute!:yay:

aww he’s adorable! :slight_smile:

Cute froggy! Good idea to do him in one piece. I hate doing all that “crafty” sewing of things together too.

Pulling icord through the body for the arms and legs was really smart. I’ll have to remember that little trick. That can be used on lots of little creatures but for now I’m thinking monkey!

A wonderful lady at my LYS told me about that. She is definitely my hero! :slight_smile: