My frist pair of mittens. Help!

So I attempted my very first mitten last night and it looks great except for the thumb. Right at the base of the thumb I have a couple holes. The directions tell me to place the thumb stitches onto a stitch holder, which I did, and then I’m supposed to continue working in stockinette stitch adding 2 stitches under the thumb once. Huh? How do I do that? Will this solve my hole problem? Please help! :knitting:

No that doesn’t solve the holes, it just makes the thumb wide enough. When you pick up the stitches for the thumb leave a longer tail and you can use it to fix the holes. To cast on in the middle of your work most use the backward loop or cable cast on.

For future reference… I always use the thumb gusset on this pattern no matter what mittens I’m making… no casting on extra stitches and the hole is minimal if at all.
It’s the pink cabled mitts which gives you a pdf…

ooooo thank you!