My friend had her baby! (On topic, promise)

Hey everyone! My amazing friend Samantha Bates and her husband James just had their first child early this morning at 12:45 am, a beautiful, healthy baby boy named Collin!
I had made the baby some socks (for when he’s a little older, because they’re not THAT tiny) and also a little toboggan cap for now, when he’s just a little tiny adorable newborn.
I’ve already talked to Samantha (the mommy) since she had him, but also wrote some little encouraging comments on the photos they just put on Facebook. She replied with this: "Everyone LOVED Collin’s 'bogan… The little hat they had just wouldn’t stay on, and now that he’s worn yours, he gets mad when it gets taken off. :)"
Isn’t that so sweet? Knitting really is such a personal touch and can make a really big difference in people’s lives, even at such a huge moment as this! Awesome!!! So I have a few pictures for you all to enjoy!

Ha! We took this pic just two days ago, showing the socks and hat on her Preggy Belly :slight_smile:

So cute!!! But the Birth Center’s hat just won’t stay :confused:

Proud new momma, and beautiful baby son: Much more comfortable in his hat that I made!!! :woot:

Cute hat and socks. Oh and the baby’s not too bad either :wink:


awww your friend must be soo happy!!! congrats to her!

Congrats to your friend! Great story!

What a very happy time for you all…I love those dinky little socks x