My free, grocery store knitting gadget!

Recently bought a 4# container of grapes at the grocery store and knew the plastic box with holes had to be good for something! I’ve been recycling thrift store sweaters which have been machined so the resulting yarn is multi strands of thread. Prone to tangling and I usually have to use several to get the weight I want. Grape container to the rescue! Not sure how long it’ll last (I also have another one that is flatter and bit smaller from blueberries) but gotta love that it neatly stores what I’m working with, yet keeps the yarn clean and visible!


Toooo funny:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:
We knitters will use anything to keep our yarn from rolling around:teehee:

What a great idea! :yay:

Clever recycling.

very cool- I love to see clever ways to use and reuse stuff.

What a great idea, thanks!

momwolf, even tho my yarn is wound into cakes, they can get a bit unwieldy near the end. The “Little ‘big man’ sweater” I recently made for my nephew had me juggling six cakes at once while working both fronts and this would’ve come in very handy.


I was so thrilled with my recycling idea I almost shelled out for another box but the store’s dwindling inventory was no longer on sale and I didn’t have any more room in my freezer for another 4# of grapes.


My DH made me a yarn caddy out of a plastic jar which came with the BEST chocolate cookies inside. Each in its own rapper so no chocolate to clean out first. I asked him if he could drill a hole in the lid so the yarn would feed through. He did but decided the hole was too ragged and the yarn would hang. So after thinking about it a while he thought of a solution. Nipples from plastic baby bottles which were given to him by a young man whose baby was through with them. Both DH and the young man are recyclers. :yay: So he made the hole the right size to pull the nipple up through and cut the tip of the nipple and now I have several of them and they are great:cheering::woot:

That’s such a great idea! Thank you.


cindycactus…very inventive! I hate to think of things I’ve given away over the years that I could make good use out of now. As a long-time seamstress, hundreds of garments have been thrifted and now I’d kill to have all that fabric back for reconstruction.


Reduce, Re-use and Recycle: Do we really need those # 6 plastic working yarn containers that are new on the market, which cost 6-25$. I rather buy yarn and use lysol wipe containers. Center winding is a must. The tall cylinder holds a lb of ‘sugar and cream’. It’s neat portable and the yarn stays clean and away from paws.

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