My fractured fractures!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything here! I have been busy though! It’s not finished quite yet but this big peice is going to be a bag once I get it finished! I’ll be adding beads for embellishments also! This uses knitted and crochetd fragments. :smiley:

Wow! I’ve never seen anything like that. How colorful! Are just adding what appeals to you as you go? Very creative!

I’m anxious to see this when you’re finished! I like all the different textures.

Thanks! I’ve been knitting and crocheting bits and peics to form fragments and then last night I whip stitched them all together. It’s fun and addictive! LOL!

What a great way to use up all those odds & ends of yarn! I think kids would especially enjoy it, feeling all the textures and looking at all the colors!


I can’t stop staring at this

Very creative!

Thanks everyone! They are fun to do! I can’t wait to get this finished! Unfortunaly I can only work on this in the evenings!

:smiley: Very, very creative…cool :sunglasses:

That’s really neat! Cant wait to see the FO!

Huh, you know that is a great idea for a blanket/toy for a baby. You can use all sorts of yarns (as long as they’re safe to chew on, LOL), just whatever is in the stash, presumably. And just knit little squares and sew them together.

Hmmm, I might have to make one of these for a friend’s baby!

wow great! it’s hypnotizing! :inlove:

:happydance: thats really neat and really creative… love how everything is together :thumbsup:

Thanks! Gosh I just realized I put these pics in my bead folder and forgot to change the name of the pictures!! :oops:

Wow! I’m with Hildie–it’s hyp-mo-tizing! Love it! :inlove: :inlove:

awesome colors! That’s make a great knitting tote.

I am in love with this! :heart:
This is so cool, I can hardly stand it…
I absolutely must try this…
(God knows I have enough scrap yarn to make it happen…)
All that seaming must’ve made you nuts!
Thanks for the great idea!