My FO's

So I finally have the courage to show some of my FO’s

First are the heavy boot socks from knitting pure and simple I knit for my boyfriend.
Then is the small felted bowl I did from the book One Skein. I decided to add the stripe since I think it makes it look nicer. This is a gift from my brother. My Irish Hiking Scarf I knit for my father with WOTA.

And finally a felted clutch from the One Skein book (great book) for my sister. I need to add the buttons for embelishment though.

Your pics aren’t showing up for some reason.

Fixed it!

Everything looks great!! (One pic still missing tho) Way to go!

Great job and everything looks terrific!

Everything looks great and lovely. I love the bag.

I’m glad you got your courage up to share those. Maye it was the computer technology that had you scared, your knitting is geat! Nice gifts for your loved ones. I bet they love them.

They all look great! I especially like the clutch.

Those are really pretty!

Oh my! What purty fo’s! Don’t be so slow to post in the future! Your work is beautiful!

Thanks guys! The courage is really regarding the technical aspect. As you can see, it took me a while just to post the pictures correctly.