My FO's till now

I’ve made these things the last 2 years (since I started knitting)

this is the first sweater I’ve made. The yarn is 100% acrylic:

The second thing I’ve made with 100% cotton:

And my last FO, made with a cottonblend:

Wow…they are all great looking!! I can’t wait to see what you’ll be knitting in five years if those are what you started out with. I’m impressed. :XX: :XX:

Love…love…love them! Just beautiful! :heart:

Wow, great work. Love the ruffles on the first sweater!


wow! I’m impressed.

btw: 3 sweaters in 2 years? I always get distracted by smaller projects.

Wow, those are awesome! I’m hard-pressed to finish a dishcloth and get it right, much less beautiful sweaters!

Great sweaters! It looks like you’ve been knitting forever!

well, I had a great teacher, my mum. She helped me a lot with the first sweater, the last one is the only one I totally made on my own.

And I have an other FO to add to this list, my boyfriend’s vest is finished. (about an hour ago) I’ll post a picture as soon as my boyfriend wants to pose for me.

Wow, those are beautiful! I love the cables on the last one (I have a serious weakness for cables!)

Can’t wait to see the vest!

Those are great! Wonderful job on the fit too!

Mama Bear

They all look fabulous. I daren’t try knitting a sweater yet… !

:cheering: :cheering: great job :thumbsup:

Those are beautiful sweaters!

Beautiful job!

well, thanks a lot to you all

You just have to try it. Before my sweaters, I had only knitted 2 simple scarfs (I don’t have a picture of them) and you can see how it turned out. Just find yourself a nice pattern and do exactely what’s in the pattern. It’ll work out that way.

Only problem is that it takes a LOT of time. (I’ve been working on my just finished vest since march this year)

wow those are gorgeous!