My Forever Hat

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Now I know it didn’t take forever; it just felt like it… LOL!
It’s the easiest hat, just like the Knitting Harlot said in her book but she forgot to mention that it takes time… time… time…
So I started knitting a swatch - made it too long, of course - 62 sts, cut it down to 51 sts and knit for 4 days straight. (I can usually do a hat a day… 2 at the most)
I started running out of the dark blue that I began with so I added a nice little yellowy green stripe just to perk things up.
She said to draw yarn thru the top stitches on one side but my hat looked so big to me I decided the yarn had better go thru sts about 2" below the cap… hence the gathered top.
I’m just glad it’s done…
TEMA:knitting: [/COLOR]

i LOVE it! so adorable!

Great job! Love the way you improvised. Isn’t it wonderful to finally finish one of those “forever” projects? LOL

:thumbsup: it looks great!

You look too adorable! Nice work! Love the room, too! Looks very artsy!

Great! I am knitting a hat too, a Preemie Hat! I posted a thread on it in Watcha Knittin’? Wonderful!


Looks nice!:inlove: I like different style of hats.Now I’m working on my 4-th hat!
Congrates on your striped hat!Wear on a good healthknitting: