My FO featured on Ravelry pattern page

I’m so excited :yay: Ravelry asked me to use a picture of my sister in her Slim Shrug by Moda dea knit in Malabrigo for the pattern page on the site. So now if you’re looking for a slim shrug, you’ll see my work :woohoo: Am i over-excited?

Congratulations, how bout posting it here for us to see!!:cheering: (or is it already in WYK?)

It was on WYK, but since it’s been almost a month. Here’s the picture they are using:


Congrats!!! It looks really good. [COLOR=“Lime”][B](((((((Applause)))))))[/B][/COLOR]

Hope you don’t mine if I post this here as well a very small FO of mine is featured as well my baby seed Brim hat.

Yay! Congratulations!! :cheering:

The hat looks wonderful!

Thank you!

You definitely aren’t overreacting! I got two requests to use my pictures a few weeks ago, and I wouldn’t shut up about it. I took screen shots so I could share with my family and friends who aren’t on Ravelry (and know nothing about knitting) … I am pretty much still beaming. I have caught myself deciding whether or not to make a project based on if there’s any chance my photo will be the “best” and they will ask me to be the model! I am a better knitter than photographer, but I have a friend who is a great photographer and I’m thinking of asking her to take my FO shots from now on.

Ravelry is such an ego boost. I wonder how I will feel when people start un-favoriting my things and using better pictures as models. Oh well, can’t worry about that now!

It is SO cute. I think the colors and the novelty yarn border are cute. Gosh, my 3 yo would LOVE this. Heck, I would LOVE this (who am I kidding?)!

:thumbsup:That’s wonderful! :yay:

[SIZE=1]They asked me to use my Mother Bear from the Mother Bear Project. I was shocked and pleased, too. [/SIZE]

:happydance: Congrats!! It’s very exciting…I have 2 pairs of socks and a jumper :happydance:

Congrats, that’s awesome!