My FO-Baby Poncho

All of the rows are Knit Stitch. When I connected the two together it’s kind of hard because I didn’t know where you connect the two at first but thanks to the videos, I’ve learnt a lot. :teehee:

How adorable! :hug:

Oh and the poncho is cute too :teehee:

Thank you. :hug: My hubby was proud when I made that first project… hahaha…

That is so cute and that baby is precious!

So pretty!! :heart:

OMG your little girl is GORGEOUS! those eyes!!! looooook out boys when she is 16!!!

Super cute!

you are all too funny :roflhard: Thank you. :teehee:

Very cute!

How long did it take for you to knit? I have 2 colleagues who have just had grand babies and have already “hinted” they would like something made for them? :eyebrow:
I will have to add them to my list~! :doh: