My First Yarn, and some questions

Hi all! I have been knitting regularly for a year or so and have been wanting to spin. I got a Louet drop spindle starter kit but never got too far with it. I got frustrated.

My lovely DH just took me to buy a wheel for Christmas, and it is so much easier! I got a Lendrum and a lesson in the store, then took it home and started to play.

I am attaching pics of my first 2-ply. I am totally hooked on this.

Questions: If your skein seems balanced after you ply it, do you still wash it to set the twist or do you just go ahead and knit it up?

What is a fast flyer for?

I think that’s it for now. Thanks to everyone who answers and to everyone who has posted as you have been the encouragement I needed to jump in to this!

Hi Laura! Great job on your first yarns! :slight_smile:

I always wash and dry my yarn even when it’s balanced. Most fibers change a bit when they’re blocked – so for the same reason that you block a knitted swatch to see how it will behave, it’s a good idea to block your yarn. You get a more accurate WPI measurement that way.

Your yarn looks wonderful. I asked Santa for a Spining Wheel for Christmas, but I am not getting one.
I think it is a great art form, and relaxing. Keep spinning and sharing pics, I love to look at them.
Happy Spinning and Holidays

Thanks for your comments! I feel sure the hand spindling would have gone much better if I had had a better spindle. Mine wouldn’t keep spinning for very long at all.

Julie, thanks. I did wash my skeins, they are hanging dry right now.

Happy Holidays all!

:cheering: Your first yarn looks fantastic!

Fast Flyer is for high WPI singles and lace. Some fibers like a lot of twist such as angora. It just saves time using the fast flyer so you don’t have to treadle forever to get the right amount of twist.

Nice yarns, Laura! I have a twin to your 3rd picture that was corriedale dyed using alkanet root.
I always wash my finished yarn, wring gently and thwack on the counter. The thwacking (hitting skeined & tied yarn on top of counter so it makes a THWACK sound) helps distribute the twist.
I do not weight or block the yarn when drying. I leave it dry naturally. By weighting the yarn, you are stretching it, when you knit, crochet or weave with weighted yarn, you will need the same tension/weight on your finished piece when drying