My first wash cloth

Here is my first wash cloth knitted for DH, it’s the first thing I’ve knitted for him. Thank you Ginger for the ‘Sugar and Cream’ yarn.

Hope you like.

That looks very nice!

Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice…Careful, though, because they’re addictive!

:cheering: Does he use it? Does he love it?

Fabulous!!! :balloons: Excellent work! :thumbsup: I love washclothes! They are my speciality! LOL! :blooby:

He Loves his wash cloth Zip, it has already been used and washed, being used again. I was going to make me one next, but I’ve now been TOLD I have to make another washcloth for him with a paw print on, He went and found the pattern for it himself and printed it out for me. How cute is that!

Thanks so much for sending the yarn Zip, I wish we could get ‘Sugar and cream’ yarn here, I have to say I’m quite a fan of it now.

Nice wash cloth! Your DH is funny. :lol: I wonder how many more wash cloth requests he’ll have?

I just finished making 7 for my mom.


Great job. Washcloths/dishcloths are addicting, because they don’t take very long to make! I just finished 2 today! LOL!

Very nice washcloth. The color is masculine.

He’s merciless! :rofl: If he’s going to be so demanding, I think he needs to locate a readily available source for more cotton for you. :wink:

I may have never tried that yarn myself if I hadn’t rounded up some for you. This week, I made a dishcloth with it. I love it! So, thank you, too. :hug:

And where prey tell are the piccies! :teehee:

Soon… I have several items to share. Perhaps even today!