My first v neck waistcoat

I am having a few issues as this is my first time following a pattern. This is the portion I am having trouble with-

rib2,rib2tog,(rib3),rib2tog6times, rib2. 29 sts

I am really new to decreasing and increasing as the only other pattern I have done was a childs hat for my son. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as this would be a present for my lovely sister in law who has just found out she is pregnant.
thank you

rib2 - work 2 sts in the rib pattern
rib2tog - p/k2tog depending on where you are in the rib pattern
(rib3) - work 3 sts in ribbing
rib2tog6times- do 6 decs in rib pattern (which seems odd)
rib2 - do 2 sts in rib pattern and you have 29 sts left.

What’s the name of the pattern? The rib 2tog 6 times isn’t usually done, but they may want you to dec that much at once for some reason.

Yes, I bet the parentheses are misplaced and it should be:

rib2,rib2tog,(rib3,rib2tog) 6times, rib2. 29 sts total

I thought of that too. Thanks for puzzling it out.