My First Trip to a LYS! :)

:inlove: :inlove:

oh my, now I know how yarn snobs are born!! :lol: I just took my first trip to a LYS during my lunch break. I wanted to buy some lace weight yarn to knit my mom this scarf:

I was just amazed at all the pretty yarn! :drooling: I wish I could buy more!!! I am glad I only need such a little amount of yarn to make for this, so that way I don’t feel guilty spend $13 for one 2oz ball of yarn!!! (ok, my entire yarn stash probably doesn’t even cost that much! LOL) I was about to order Knitpicks Shimmer, but didn’t need to order anything else and this was a good excuse to check out a local spot.

The yarn I got is “Zephyr Wool-Silk” 50% Chinese Tussah Silk and 50% merino wool. It’s from Jagger Spun, I actually found a link: the third set of pictures - Dianthus color (almost the same color used in this website!). The color is just amazing and bright, so I hope my mom likes it. I thought with a black top, the scarf would look really pretty.

I am so happy I have a place to visit during lunch now!!! :happydance:

Yes, once you visit one and see what else is available out there, it can be very addictive.

I love the color you picked and the fiber content seems like it is very soft. I’m sure your mom will :heart: the scarf.

very, very addictive :wink:
Your mom will absolutely :heart: :heart: the scarf!! That’s one I had picked out for my sister for Christmas before I decided that I’m not knitting for Christmas! BUT…it’s on my list :wink:
Have fun with it :smiley:

Yes, be verrry, verrrry careful–it’s a slippery slope, indeed! :smiley:

MMmm that yarn looks YUMMY!

And, you are going to want to CRY the next time you walk through a Michaels or Hobby Lobby…things will NEVER be the same there.

That is LOVERLY!!! I want that!! I noticed on the website that it is a dry-clean only yarn…any bearing on the scarf then?

hehe, yes, Michael’s just will never be the same :lol: I used to be content, but now… :twisted:

About the dry-clean only, the scarf probably won’t be worn all that much, so I think it will be fine. Just a more decorative/accessory type of scarf, nothing to keep you warm.

I added a picture of my new yarn. I am still just so happy about it. :blush: I never thought yarn would give me such a thrill :happydance:

Yep, been down that slippery slope, behind first! Anybody care to join me at the bottom? The yarn’s fine down here! :roflhard:

yeah when i first started i gasped when i saw how much i paid for the hank i learned to knit on from the LYS. i was quite content with nothing more than Lion Brand from Hobby Lobby…didn’t even imagine that i would want anything different.

oooh and then i went to an LYS that was close to my work…ooooh…YUM…the craft stores are just not good enough anymore. i do still get some stuff there but it is very rare…

AND i got a coupon to the LYS for this weekend!! :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

ohhh very pretty happy :XX:

:roflhard: They say it’s bad when you ‘hit bottom’, but the bottom is too soft and squishy in this addiction.

:rollseyes: I crocheted a blanket for my husband a while back, using red heart acrylic - I thought it was sooo comfy and soft :roflhard:
I’ve been using Caron SimplySoft and Sugar n Cream for the last month or so - went back to a bag I was making to use up all my Red Heart scraps - it feels like wire to me now! And I haven’t even been using the really good stuff, just better than that junk…
:pray: Saints preserve me if I ever go into my LYS, I’ll have the family bankrupt in a month… :inlove:

Simply Soft is great - I use it a lot, esp for a lot of charity knitting for orphanages - wash n wear yarn is just best for thest types of places.

I also really love Woolease.

my 2-cents :smiley:

I :heart: simplysoft, too - good price, feels nice, and wash n wear is the best choice for most of the people that I knit for too (:

  • I fell in love with the cottonease, and I want to try woolease now, too - I bet it’s just as yummy and easy to work with…