My first Toe-Up Socks

Squiggle Lace Sox

Way cool and well done. They’re pretty.

I have knitted Top-Down socks but actually found that Toe-Up being easier (so far anyway). I’m wondering if anyone of you find it the same.

I’ve only done toe up. It works so well for me I’ve not bothered to try top down. I’m sure others have done both and can tell you what they think.

Very cute indeed! And I love the purity of white!!

Beautiful socks. They look lovely and comfy in the lace pattern which really stands out in white. Well done!

They look absolutely great. I have now knitted a bazillion socks and never once did a toe up. They really are beautiful.

In what way(s) do you find toe up easier? I don’t like Kitchener stitching but have found it’s possible to do top-down and not do grafting. I’m not sure fitting them would be as easy, top down

I wish I could do toe up, for yarn use reasons but…I simply find it way too fiddly.

What part do you find too fiddly? The cast on?

I think so, yes ( I haven’t gotten past that yet…)

I thought that might be it. Here’s one that I want to try except I don’t like W&T. I’ll have to give it a go to see if I can use German short rows. The toe starts out with 1/2 the total stitches on a provisional cast on, is shaped with short rows, then the live stitches from the provisional cast on are put otn and knitting in the round begins. I’d use the provisional cast on method that uses a hook to put the stitches on the needle; it seems much less fiddly to me and I’ve never tried the one she uses in the previous video.

Very, very pretty! :cheering:

Your socks came out great! I’m strictly a toe-up girl. But I recently switched to the free-sole technique (but I still do them toe up), in which you make a toe band, knit the instep on to that, then knit the sole (by picking up sts on the band). I still honing my technique, but the idea of it is to have a sole that’s easy to replace when it gets worn out.

I may have possibly tried every conceivable technique before settling on toe-up, two at a time, side-by-side on one long circ. (front, front; flip; back, back)

Awww…those are precious! Watch out! Sock knitting is very addictive!! I’ve knit over twenty pairs in my six years of knitting, and I have enough sock yarn to knit at least fifteen or more pairs!

GREAT job!