My first time of using needles or very messy yarn

Hi there)
One day I decided to knit a small jacket for my daughter.
I chose the yarn, vey soft but it turned out (after first washing) to be very messy and could be easily stretched out, that’s why the jacked seems to be knitted careless :frowning:
But as it is said: you must spoil before you spin
So I’m not much upset abt it)
Anyway my daughter wore it several times)

Did you also machine dry it? With some yarns they get stretched out in the washer, so if you just lay it flat to dry, they don’t ‘shrink’ in. And if it stretches the right way, it’ll fit your daughter longer… :wink:

It’s very cute, and so is your darling daughter. Sorry the yarn turned out messy for you. Better luck with next sweater!

She’s very cute. The good thing about babes that age is that they don’t care what they are wearing.

Awwww! She’s so cute! The sweater is pretty!

I’m assuming the sweater is in a wash/dry yarn, but do check. Some yarns say to lay flat.

I didn’t use a washing machine, just hand washing, very very gentle. I guess I had to choose another design but not only front loops, may be the jacket would be more… hmmm… firm (sorry lack of the english language and sometimes have problems with choosing the correct termin or word)

Lovely jacket for cute baby …nice works

Well, it looks pretty good to me! And of course, your baby is darling :slight_smile:

It looks great to me!

Thanks to all of you)))
It’s really pleasant to read your praise):flirt:

What an adorable baby! And the jacket looks great to me!

We’ve all been down the same ‘yarn road’ as you! About 7 years ago, I painstakingly knit a cabled pullover for my son…using Lion Brand Homespun no less. I heard later that it stretched so much that his wife began wearing it as a pullover bathrobe. The sweater I knit for her using the same yarn did the same thing. She brought it to me once, asking me how could we fix the sleeves which were now hanging inches below her fingertips. (we rolled them up and I stitched them on the seam)

Live and learn.

How cute!

too cute! Both the sweater and your baby!! :slight_smile:

Beautiful job and baby. Babies grow so fast. She just loves that her mommy made it for her.

It looks darling on your little darlin"! Have fun making her more things!