My first time knitting.

I have just learned to knit from YouTube. I did knit a scarf and now I’m trying to knit a sweater. It’s actually very simple for somebody who has knit before, but I’m having trouble with it. First of all I didn’t do gauge. Is that really going to mess up my knitting? Because I’m rather far into it, in fact I’m just about finished the back. How much of a problem has that created? After I knit the back, it says cast off 32 stitches beginning next 2 rows so after I cast off 32 stitches what do I do with the rest of the stitches that are remaining do I continue working them? What I mean is when I cast off 30 stitches in the first row what do I do with the remaining stitches left because I know when I’m done casting off the second row it tells me to keep the remaining 35 stitches on a stitch holder. But I want to know is do I work those remaining stitches after I cast off the first row. I hope I’m explaining this well enough. Thank you so much for your time.

What pattern are you doing? Can you post the name and link please? (Don’t post the whole pattern here).

Which size are you making? Doing a gauge swatch will help u to end up with the same size sweater that the designer did. Everyone knits differently. So 3 different people can use the exact same yarn and needle size but end up with 3 different sized sweaters! That’s why it’s so important to do a swatch and compare what u get with what the designer did. U don’t want to end up with a sweater 40" wide and 50" long!!! Sorry to say, but I would recommend going back and doing one.

For your other question, after u bind off the stitches you either knit or purl the rest of the sts in that row. Depending on which row you’re doing.


I forgot to do a Swatch and for the ribbing at the bottom I was supposed to use size 7 needles and I used size 6 instead. By the time I realized it too far down into the sweater. So I don’t know how this is going to turn out.

Using a smaller needle will generally make the knitted item smaller and the fabric tighter. Is that what you’re asking?

You actually have a very large swatch already if you’ve knit the back. Just measure across 4 inches and you’ll have an idea of the gauge you’re getting.
You can also measure across the entire chest and see if the sweater is close to the given measurement for your size.

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