My first sweater

I started it already and I hope I can finish it and it looks decent or I will have to start all over.My friend is a pretty big man.He is about 5’11 and built like a barrel(read rugged,lol) so I hope I am making it big enough around or I will be wearing it. I am using 36’ cir needles. It’s supposed to look like this

I have no idea what the pattern is but it obviously isn’t going to be exactly like this but i think he will appreciate anything I make for him :slight_smile:

I know I will have problems with teh sleeves and the neck.Good luck to me eh?:woot:


[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][I]Oooooooooo[/I], love the color![/COLOR]

Are you just guessing or did you do a swatch to figure out how many to cast on?

Good luck!:thumbsup:

I totally guessed.I have no idea if it will fit him. I just love to knit things.:teehee:

Looking good so far! Good luck!

It’s getting a little longer now,one thing though,it’s starting to curl at the bottom :frowning: I am hoping that it is just because It’s not long enough to hang down yet.I am going to have to invest in some more yarn soon. :teehee:

It is a beautiful color and good luck with it.

I love the color you chose! And I think you also chose a great design for your first sweater! :thumbsup:

It may curl unless you have enough of a border on it. Just a few rows of garter/seed stitch isn’t enough.

Looking good! :thumbsup: