My first sweater

I have finished my first sweater,the pattern is call Liam,this one is for my youngest boy who will turn 2 in May,The photos are not so great because taking photos of a toddler is not easy:roflhard:

That’s adorable, Maria!

Sent you a PM re: photo size.

I bet he is a pistol! It looks so cute on him and he seems to like it! Great Job!!!

Are the size of the photo better now?

Yes, they are fine now! Your son is sooo cute!

The sweater and your son are both really cute.

Really great job. It looks so good!

How adorable! Congrats on your first sweater!

Very cute sweater! And yes, two year old are hard to photo, lol!

:inlove: aww how cute!! The sweater looks great :yay:

Thank you all:)