My first sweater

Ok, I thought I’d upload my project. It’s rather ugly, and the braid is kinda small but yet I’m rather proud of it. It’s my first sweater, my first braided project, the first time I’ve worked on circular needles and the first project I’ve designed myself!
Just in my own defense I must say that the teddy-bears total lack of shoulders is partly to blame for the uglieness…


My goodness, stop criticizing your work! :fingerwag: It looks great! I really like the color, and that teddy bear looks oh-so-snuggly in his new fabulous sweater! Awesome job :woot:

Oh my gosh! I think it’s adorable! :cheering:

It looks cute. What a great idea to make a sweater for a teddy bear to try out so many new techniques.

Thanks to all of you!
Perhaps it isn’t so hiddeous after all…:eyes:
My main reason for making the sweater was cuz I’m planning to make a sweater for my SO and i wanted to try out the technique.
Actually the teddy was a gift from my SO after I had complained that I couldn’t win anything on the faeres so he went and did some shooting and won it for me.:teehee:

There is no such thing as an ugly project! You did a great job! I look forward to seeing a bigger size that you make for yourself! I have been doing sweaters for a year and still have been too cowardly to work more difficult stuff so I applaud you! :yay::yay:

that one was WAY better then my first… it looks great! I love the color and the creative front.

That sweater is so cute on your Teddy Bear. And stop criticizing your work! It’s perfect!

Great job!

Great job! It’s adorable!

Of course, and you should be more than rather proud of it!! You should be very proud–I know how you feel. When I finished my first baby sweater–with all it’s little flaws–I still loved it. Everyone one here told me I should be proud of it, and they were right! This is how we learn and how we grow to be better knitters.:happydance:

I can’t believe you used the “U” word! That is absolutely not true!! Your little sweater is so cute, and it looks adorable on Teddy. Can’t wait to see the full-size model.

:woohoo:I agree-be proud!

That is SUCH a cute little sweater, and it looks perfect on your little bear!! Great job!