My First Sweater

Up until now, I have only made potholders and one huge blanket, all garter stitch. Now I am ready for a challenge, a sweater. I found a pattern that is all garter stitch (baby steps, baby steps :teehee: )

I have a couple of issues:

  1. When I am finished making the pocket linings, it says to place the stitches on a holder. Then what? Do I leave a long tail and cut the lining free from the ball? Leave it attached and use the other end of the yarn? If I cut it free, what do I do with the tail when I put the lining into the sweater later? HELP :shrug:

  2. buttonholes: “yo, k2tog” Yarn over the right needle and then I knit the next two stitches together? :??

Thanks in advance for any help y’all can give me. I look forward to hanging out here in the future.

When you put the pocket liners on the holder, yes, cut the yarn leaving a tail. You’ll have to weave it in later, but you’ll be using the ‘sweater’ yarn to attach the pocket liners later.

For the buttonhole, you’re making a yarn-over eyelet, essentially. Bring the yarn forward as if to purl, then knit the next 2 stitches together as one. If you don’t know how to k2tog, check out the glossary page. When you knit with the yarn in front, you’ll create your yarn-over.