My first sweater!

I am not real thrilled with how the neck turned out, it kinda gapes at the edges. And I had to redo it at least 5 times to get it where it is now. I don’t want to do it again! but my son is thrilled and that is all that matters.

It looks very nice and you did a great job! Believe me, it is tough to do sweaters as I have found out! You get better with each one you do! Oh and what a hot model you used! :eyebrow: :rofl:

I think you did a fabulous job! It’s really cute! So is your son!

BTW sometimes washing will help things even up and straighten out.

I see why your son is thrilled - it’s lovely!

wow, that came out wonderfully!! and your son looks so happy and proud in it.

I think it turned out great! The fit is perfect and you can tell he’s thinking “Way to go MOM!” :cheering:

I looks great!!!

I think it looks really good! The colors are great. And even if the neck is a little wide - although it looks fine in the picture - that’s better than being too tight!

wow that looks like a great FIRST sweater! well done :slight_smile:

I think it looks GREAT!! And your son is soo cute :muah: Its so nice when they love what you make them, kwim? What yarn did you use?

:cheering: great job, you should be proud!

your son is adorable!!! He looks so happy in the sweater! Great job!!!

your sweater turned out great!!! Especially for a first try…Wonderful!!!
Very handsom son :teehee:

Thanks, everyone. He really is thrilled and commented again last night how much he liked it. And it was perfect timing as it has just started getting cold here in the south.

the yarn is a Plymouth yarn, Encore, worsted weight yarn. It is 75% acrylic and 25% wool.

So cute!!! :cheering:

Love the colors, great job :thumbsup:

Great job! It fits him perfectly.

i really like that sweater.i knit 3 sweaters 1 in garter stitch 1 in garter stitch knitted vertically and 1 in stockinette stitch.i love i repeat LOVE knitting.