My first sweater

Hi ,
I just want to share with you my finished first sweater, it a baby sweater.AThank you to every one who helped me and specially big thanks to you Ingrid.

That turned out beautifully! You deserve to be very proud of that!! :cheering: :cheering:

Great job! :thumbsup:

Great Job :cheering: What pattern did you use?

:smiley: It’s beautiful :thumbsup: Fantastic job :smiley:

Very cute! You did a great job!

Really nice! A classic style and I love the color!

That is so pretty!

Very pretty!

Wonderful job - I love the color!

Wonderful job! I’d love to know the pattern and yarn as well.

That’s wonderful!!! :heart:

Lovely job!

Mama Bear

Excellent job for your first time!!! :inlove: Very nice work! :thumbsup:

Wow, that’s really cute! Well done :thumbsup:

Ingrid, that is very very nice! How awesome to have completed your first sweater. :mrgreen:

Looooooooooove it!

How sweet! Such a bright, dreamy color too!

It is a lovely jumper. I love the colour and the detailing after the rib. :thumbsup:

how very pretty! I love the color!