My first sweater WIP and FOs *UPDATED FO.*

I’ve been enjoying socks so much, I’ve made quite a few…

These were made for my DH to wear with his boots, they’re a wool/nylon blend.

I had a bit left over from the boot socks so I made these cute little sockies for DD.

I’ve heard good things about mohair socks so I thought I’d give them a try. I finished this one last night and tried it on. It was like sliding my foot into warm marshmallow so although it isn’t exactly pretty, I love it!

This is the beginning of this sweater, the largest and most ambitious thing I’ve tried to knit. It’s almost to the armholes now and this time I think I might actually get it finished as I’m enjoying it so much. :smiley:

Wow - beautiful cables :heart:

I’ve got 10 100g balls of Jaeger Shetland Aran just waiting until I can find a cardigan to knit - I’d really like something with cables like yours.

:XX: Keep on knitting - don’t stop until that sweater is finished! And then you can post a pic for us to see.

“It was like sliding my foot into warm marshmallow…”

I love that analogy! :rofling: And I think it’s very pretty!


:smiley: I love, love your socks :cheering: :cheering: And your sweater is going to be simply STUNNING!! I, too, am going to make some kid mohair socks, have the pattern, have the yarn, must find the time after all the gift projects are done :smiley: Have u seen this pattern which uses kid mohair?! Thought u might like it :wink:

beautiful socks! That sweater is going to be gorgeous! I haven’t gotten ambitious enough to try cables yet, soon perhaps.

Ooooo I have kitty named Marshmallow so I know they have to be soft! Everything looks great!

Great socks! And the sweater is going to be gorgeous!

Very cool socks! :heart: I like the ones with the fuzzies most 'specially!

Keep us posted on that sweater, it looks scrumptious so far!

Wow, I bet those socks are soft… another future project for me now! LOL.

What yarn are you using for the Berroco sweater pattern? It doesn’t look as furry as the stuff in the pick, maybe that’s just because their pic is white on a white background. :rollseyes: Whatever it is, it looks beautiful!


Heehee sorry…it’s late and I’m very tired. Misread. Laughter ensued. Thought I’d share.


Also…also! I love your socks! They look great!

Your cables are goooorgeous too. :inlove:

Wonderful job :inlove:

I wasn’t able to get the correct yarn for the sweater in the UK so after looking around for a while I found some brushed chunky from patons on ebay at a very reasonable price. Being my first big project, I thought it might be sensible to not spend a fortune just in case. :shifty: It feels sort of squashy if it’s squeezed so should be perfect as a snuggly winter sweater.

It seems to have taken forever (and the seaming! Don’t get me started on that. :shock: ) but here it is, my first sweater finished. :cheering:

Terrific job! It looks really cozy and I love the color! :thumbsup:


AWESOME! I love the big cables!

:smiley: You did a GREAT JOB :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Thanks! :smiley: It certainly feels like an achievement. :cheering:
I couldn’t have done it without this great site and all the encouragement and help I’ve recieved right here. :notworthy:
I’ve already made a start on a cardigan for myself. :lol:

Very nice! I love the big cables! :thumbsup:

Brilliant, looks great.