My first sweater please help!

hi everyone, i am trying to knit my first sweater for my 20 month old daughter and i figured i would try this one since it is all done in one piece but i’m very confused.
I am up to the part where it says:

Next row (divide for neck opening), knit 39 sts (45,50), join new ball of yarn, bind off next 4 sts, work rem 39 (45, 50).
Working both sides at once, each on a separate ball of yarn, keeping 5 sts at bottom edges in garter st, center sts in stockinette st (k 1 row, p 1 row), and neck edges in garter st, work for 4 ¾ (5 ¾, 6 ¾) inches MORE, ending on a wrong side row.

ok first of all what do they mean work both sides at once each on a separate ball??? does it mean i have to hold 2 strands??? please help on these instructions i’m so confused. i dont want to work any further till i know what to expect.

thanks :slight_smile:

What they are saying is that you are working each side seperately with it’s own ball of yarn as you are binding off the centre portion for the neck but they don’t want you to put the stitches for the other shoulder on a holder.

So, one ball each side, one strand for each side.

Does that make sense?

ok so you mean after i bind off the 4 stitches i cut off that ball of yarn and on the next side i start off with the new one?? and then go back to the old one when i get to the other side?

Don’t cut anything. Knit the first stitches, drop that strand and start the bind offs with a new ball. Now you’ll have a strand connected to each side. Work one side, drop that yarn, then work the other side with it’s strand.

ok i think i get it lol. thanks so much for your help! i will go and try it now :slight_smile: hopefully it will be good.

ok so i’m continuing with the pattern for the easy childs sweater and now i’m stuck and have no idea what to do. what does this mean???

Work 6 rows garter st. then 6 rows keeping Garter st at ends and yoke 32 (36, 38)sts , and center sts in st st. Continue in this manner working to correspond to other side, BINDING off 25 (29, 33) sts instead of casting on. 32 (36, 38 sts).

i get the work 6 rows garter st but thats about it!!! what is the yoke??? i’m soooooo confused! please help! Thanks!!!

You may want to check out this thread. Another poster here was having trouble with this pattern as well, and we covered some of the issues with it there.