My First Sweater! NEW PICS! I fixed it :-)

And it’s wearable, hooray!
This is Viveka from Knitty. Very simple, shapeless sweater…no stress for my first. The fit is fine, but boy that’s a serious V-neck. No matter cuz it’s itchy as all hell so I’ll have to wear a tank under it regardless. Sizes on this sweater run quite large. I made a medium, and I haven’t seen a medium-sized anything on my body since high school.

The sleeves are too long though, I think I’m gonna unseam and unravel them an inch or so. After that–any advice on how to re-attach them? Right now they’re a wee bit tight from pulling the thread. I might also crochet a few more rounds on the neckline so it doesn’t roll.

After that, I will definitely wear this! It’ll be a nice winter jacket. :thumbsup:

Good work! You could cut off the CO on the sleeves and undo a few inches, then BO.

Yeah, that might be an easier solution. But I’ve to re-seam the sleeves anyhow. I think I pulled the yarn too tight while seaming and now it squishes my bicep.

Very nice! Great job on your first sweater!!!:thumbsup:

It looks absolutely terrific.

Looks great for a first sweater! I’ve only done kids’ clothing so far. I am impressed by your taking the plunge.

Great job!

If you crochet around the neckline, I find a slip stitch all around after the last row helps stabalize and give a nice finishing edge.

Mama Bear

I fixed it! Here are a few new pix:

Better sleeve length, I frogged about an inch at the top of the sleeve and re-seamed it.

Here’s a close up of the neckline:

I know very very very little crochet, so I did what I knew. So I just went around the neck another 3 rounds and did a picot bind off. It’s thick but it lays flay nicely and closes up the v-neck a bit.

I’m so proud:woot:. Now if only I can desensitize myself to the fabric. Galway is ITCHY!

I love it! You really did an awesome job!:cheering:


Cute, cute sweater! :woot:I love the colors and what a great patter. It looks great on you! Cheers.

What a great first sweater! :thumbsup:


Bravo! I think it turned out really well and kudo’s to tinking around with it to get it right! That’s :thumbsup:

I think it looks great!
I like the colour too.

Great idea with the neckline. It looks great!

I love it! Looks great on you :thumbsup:

Much better after the fix. What a cute sweater. It fits you well, and I love the colors you chose. Sorry it’s so itchy – maybe it will soften up after a few washes.

:happydance:Looks wonderful!!! I still have to finish a sweater for myself…maybe this year I will :teehee:

I really like it. You did a great job!

That’s a great sweater. The crocheted neckline really adds a lot to the finished look. I love the pattern and the colors.