My first sweater KAL

So, is anyone else going to start their first sweater in the new year? I have done a short sleave sweater in the round, but this will be my first real sweater. I am doing this pattern:
I got the pattern free at my LYS, they were very nice. The pattern was supposed to be free with purchase of Torino Bulky, but that was too rich for my wallet. I bought 2 Skeins of cascade Eco+ in a pretty purple color, and got the pattern free. I must say I am very nervous about the fit of the sweater. I took and measured a sweater I have that I like the fit of, and am using that as sizing. I am going to make the sweater maybe an inch longer than the pattern calls for also. And I ALWAYS have issues with guage. This time I knit and blocked my swatch before measuring guage. My gauge was correct after blocking but not before. I have casted on for the back. It looks awfully small to me, but it should measure ok after blocking, right? OH dear, who knew a sweater would cause so much heartache :teehee:

So, join me all you new sweater knitters. And those of you experienced in the art of sweater making HELP!!!:teehee: :teehee: