My first me get started

I’m new to this forum and trying to get started on my first sweater.
Since I have a lot of money invested in my yarn I’m paying attention to gauge for the first time, I’m ashamed to say!!

The pattern says 9 sts X 12 rows = 4 " on size 13 needles.
then it says if my knitting doesn’t come out to that use one size larger or one size smaller needles.
I had to go up 2 sizes to a 15…is this normal ?? I bought the amount of yarn called for in the pattern but will using those larger needles mean I won’t have enough yarn?

Thanks in advance for any help. :knitting:

It’s perfectly normal to use different size needles from what the pattern calls for. That gauge is what size the designer used when he/she knit the sweater. As long as you ended up with the same # of stitches/rows it doesn’t matter what size needles it takes!!!

And btw, you only went up one needle size, since there aren’t any 14’s out there!!

Happy knitting!!!

Welcome to Knitting Help!

Heavens don’t be ashamed to make a gauge swatch! If you want a garment to fit you really need to do it. I always use them for my own sweaters, but I don’t bother for hats or baby clothing since that isn’t as critical.

And yes, changing needle size is very common. Some people knit looser or tighter than the designer of the pattern or the yarn. I knit loose myself so I often have to go down a needle size.

BTW…I don’t know what yarn you are using, but you should also wash the swatch the same way you’ll be washing the sweater. That way if it shrinks or stretches you’ll know ahead of time and can adjust accordingly.

Thanks for your help. I feel ready to rock and roll now !!

Here’s a pic ( I hope) of the sweater I’m making.

You may be able to post a picture now. It’s not allowed before you have a few posts because it’s meant to foil some spammers.

Maybe I can succesfully post this link to the pattern I’m making…

I’ve just spent 3 hours trying to figure out the pockets and I’m thinking of going to a plain patch pocket.

Thanks again for your help.

If you don’t like the slanted pocket, by all means, replace it with the patch pocket. If you’re finding the directions for the pocket difficult to read through and you want the look of the slanted pockets, why don’t you give it a try? Often the directions make more sense when you have the sts in front of you. These are pretty good directions and someone here is always ready to help.

Often the directions make more sense when you have the sts in front of you.

Ain’t that the truth! I did pockets on a cardigan and thought I’d never be able to just from reading the pattern but went for it anyhow. By trusting the pattern and doing exactly what it said it worked and [I]then [/I]the instructions made sense. I marvel that people can read the pattern and understand and “see” it. The pockets I did involved a lining and having to work sections separately and casting on more stitches. Too complicated to get my mind around. Anyhow, if your yarn will stand up to frogging and reworking, you might just give it a go.

Good luck and enjoy the knitting.

I like the sweater, saved the link for future reference.

A size 15 IS one size up from a 13, there is no US 14 size needle. Use whatever size you need to match the gauge, every has a different tension, some people may need to go down to an 11 to get that gauge because they knit very loosely.