My first sweater (and it's cabled too! ^.^) [WIP]

[size=2][color=darkblue]'Allo! How are you doing this fine day? Thank you for stopping by my little thread.

My current project is a cabled sweater! The pattern can be found in a book called Learn to Knit edited by Sue Whiting. It happens to be my first sweater. Although I have started this thing over again at least five times, I’m trying to stick with it.

I definitely have a problem with starting projects and not finishing them.

Anyways to describe the sweater. It’s a pink with white trim on the waistband, collar, and wrist bands pull-over V-neck cabled sweater. I tried to take pictures of what I have so far but my computer and camera are not behaving at the moment.

I have a few questions about this project:

  1. Is there a good site to show me how to sew the pieces together?
  2. How much yarn am I going to end up using?
  3. Does anyone know (approximate obviously) how much time this will take me if on an average day I work at least 2-3 hours on it?
  4. Should I keep this one since its the first one I’ll be making or should I give it away because it will be slightly flawed and what not?
  5. If so should I give it to my sister or a good friend of mine? Both LOVE pink.


I think however it turns out, after that much work, you should keep it. I have some of the first craft things I made (not my first knitting, though, darn it!!!) and they mean something to me even with their imperfections, more years later than I’d like to admit.

[color=darkblue][size=2]Thanks for the advice! I think you may be right! [/size][/color]