My first swatch, help me count gauge?

I want to cast on for socks, but I want to do it right, so I started a little swatch (ok, I want to cheat and do it mostly right, this is a tiny swatch, and I did it flat instead of in the round). Plus, I’d love some feedback on my stitches :slight_smile: It is a funny swatch maybe - garter, stockinette, 2x2 ribbing, and back to stockinette, just so I could practice (size 2 needles feel tiny!).

So, pics!

The swatch:

The swatch with measuring tape for stitches (I think I count 7 to the inch)

Swatch with measuring tape for rows (I count 11 or 12), depending on where I start)

Does this look ok? Am I ready to start a sock?

It depends on what the pattern calls for. Usually the gauge is for stockinette or the stitch pattern. Socks are pretty small though, so you could just start one and knit a few inches and see how you’re doing.


However, as I have sit here in my cold office, and realized we’re going camping in a few days, I have changed my mind - socks can wait, I have “good-enough” socks. What I really need are some fingerless gloves. Actually, some mostly fingerless gloves. :stuck_out_tongue:

The bigger your swatch the more accurate your gauge will be. I count 6 and maybe 1/4 stitches per inch on your swatch. You will get a better idea if you measured over 4 inches. I know that we want to hurry up and knit and not mess with that blasted old swatch, but you will save time and frustration if you make your swatch bigger to get a more accurate count of your rows and stitches. Rows are not as important as stitch count, you can always just knit till it is long enough. But if your stitch count is off you will come out too small or too big. When we knit a bigger swatch we tend to relax a bit and our stiches become more like how we “really” knit. And don’t forget that once you do your swatch your not finished counting. After you have knitted several inches on your sock or whatever project your doing take the time to check your gauge again. You may find that your knitting has become more relaxed, or tighter depending on how your feeling at the time you are knitting.

Thanks. I feel like I’m knitting tighter than normal. Mostly these size 2s and the sock weight cotton both just feel so small (smallest I’ve used before has been a 6 with worsted weight).

I went ahead and cast on for the hooray for me fingerless gloves (the first sock weight glove pattern I came across) and I figure I’ll just go at it, and check once I’ve got one cuff done. Oh, and using 5 dpns? ARG! Even though I’ve done 2 hats w/dpns, those only used 4, and they were size 10.5 - I feel alternately like I’m holding a delicate instrument, and that I’ve got yarn wrapped around a torture device. :help: