My First Stuffed Toys and

I was so excited when I finished these…they are just too cute:woot:
Harry Bear and his birthday cupcake

And a shawl for Mom for Christmas (can’t remember or find the pattern…bummer:wall: ) I know it was a simple one:?? She loves it.

That bear is adorable! The shawl is great, I’m glad your mom loves it!

Didn’t you put your project in Ravelry? That’s how I keep track of everything (pattern, yarn, needle size, etc) otherwise I’d never remember either.

[B]Very nice work! [/B] Love it all! I really must knit some toys, too! I bought several books in '09…

Thanks, ladies…getting my stash and projects on Ravelry this year is one of my goals for 2010. I loved getting Harry done; I have 2 more done but not sewn up and stuffed yet.:teehee:

The shawl was a simple YO and K2Tog pattern…silly me, it was so simple I thought I’d remember it:??

The bear and cake are adorable Pam! The scarf is so pretty too - love the color!!

Harry and his cupcake are both so cute! And you mom looks so happy with her lovely shawl too! Great work!!

Well done on your first stuffed toy . Harry is adorable .
Your mother looks just wnderful in her shawl . :slight_smile:

Great job!! Harry is simply adorable and the shawl looks so soft and warm! Your mom looks really happy with it!

The shawl is beautiful! Loved the bear and cupcake too. The cupcake would be a fun gag gift for my co-workers.

I really like the bears. Do you have a pattern for them? Or even better, a general description of the concept behind making stuffed bears? Especially the snout. I can’t quite picture how to do that…


It’s a free pattern…here’s the link
…so was the cupcake

Have fun:knitting:

They are adorable! :heart: And that shawl looks so warm and comfy cloud9

That bear is just too cute!

Very nice work on all three projects.