My first stash! Eeeek!

Ohhhhhh I did a baaaad thing! I went to Michael’s for ‘one ball of yarn’ and I came back with an entire bag of yarn.

So, now that I’ve started my stash, where are some good places to hide it? Hubby will tease me for days if he sees it!!!

I think you might want to check out if you are a knitneck topic, cause you might be one.

Hide it under the bed, most hubbies can’t find that spot, most don’t even know there is such a thing as UNDER the bed.

Good luck

You’re right, I might be a knitneck!! The worst part is I keep thinking I should feel guilty for buying so much but I don’t!!! :teehee:

The good thing about a stash is that hubbies only tease you (or as your stash grows…get angry at you b/c you spent grocery money on wool…LOL) until they can no longer keep track of the stash. My stash is so large (and scattered–I find it’s better to deposit it in several locations) that he doesn’t even notice additions anymore. I keep a big seagrass tote on the floor next to my chair (crammed full), the coat closet in the living room crammed full, and I have a LARGE box (for a dishwasher!!) full in the basement. Within the closet I have baskets on the floor and top shelf w/ yarn sorted by type–baby yarn, sock yarn, 100% wool, etc. and in the big box I have yarn sorted by type into individual bags that are labeled. The basement box is the stuff I don’t use as often but have acquired over the years. The hall closet is the stuff I might need at any given time but wouldn’t want to walk to the basement for and the segrass tote is the good stuff that I have projects planned for or just need close by so I can stroke it now and again…

This is how bad I am… I’m going home to Missouri for 8 days to visit family… I’m thinking about taking two suitcases -and packing them so that I can condense everything down to one- so I can buy tons of yarn at the cheaper sales tax rate and so I can visit the LYS in my hometown. :eyebrow:

sounds like a plan to me–I always travel w/ an additional canvas tote bag or large zip up canvas duffle so that I can bring home my purchases! I never travel w/o visiting the yarn stores!!!

I don’t know if Michael’s will have the same sale in all of their stores or if it varies by regional market… But, today they had a ton of Lyon Brand yarn for $1 and $2. That triggered the birth of my stash!!! :cheering:

Was it Ingrid who suggested hiding stash items in a large box clearly labeled “Tampons”? A hubby-proof location, I think. :slight_smile:

:roflhard: I’ll have to remember that one!

I have rubbermade drawers in the closet of “my office” (one of the spare bed rooms). Since Boy has his own office, he never comes into mine, especially not the closet because its full of my clothes. He knows the drawers are in there for yarn, but he doesnt know how much yarn is in there or if there is new stuff.
Luckly my MIL lives next store, so I have yarn shipped to her house, she brings it over and hides it in my closet before either of us gets home, so he never see’s 75% of the yarn I get :teehee:

Just pick a spot he never goes, and put it there. Multiple spots work too.

:roflhard: genius!