My first spindling attempt

…and I don’t even have a ‘real’ spindle yet! I wanted to try before buying a spindle so I used a pencil, a circle of cardboard and a screw in hook. There isn’t much yet but here it is…

This is fun! I now have to look into s spindle. Any recommendations? Spam welcome if you make your own! :wink:

Wow! Very resourceful and creative spindle. The yarn looks great. Kundert spindles are nice.

Wish I could take the credit for the idea but I saw this video.

Those Kundert spindles are beautiful! :drool:

My very favorite spindle


I was looking at those. What weight is best for a beginner?

I think the 2.2 oz. is a great beginner spindle :thumbsup:

Boy, that’s great! was it hard to do? I’m kind of not coordinated, is why I ask.

Not too hard… I used the park and draftmethod which makes it easier.

It looks great !!!

I found a local lady who will teach me to use the drop spindle, and, for free.
She knows a woman who owns and runs a sheep farm here, and i hope I can get good prices on roving, while learning spinning techniques.