My first socks

I have begun knitting my first pair of socks and I am starting from the top ribbing on 3 double point needles. I had made a mistake so I unpicked a few rows to fix it and now my working yarn is coming off of the left needle instead of the right, and this is causing the work to not join and giving me a big hole :(. I then unpicked another row to see if it would “fix itself” and alas! No luck. Any pointers on how to get my yarn back to where it should be?

did you by chance turn it inside out?

congrats on joining in the world of sock knitting!!!:cheering: WELCOME:waving:

come back and talk to us. im curious now. LOL

No, I didn’t turn it inside out THIS TIME! Ha ha! I guess I will just head to my store tonight to try and get some help with it. It seems as if the working yarn is coming out of the wrong stitch. Hard to describe without being able to show you :wink:

Somewhere along the line I did a u-turn and started knitting it the other direction! The funny thing is I have done that with hat before. I guess maybe the 3rd time it happens I will finally learn.