My first socks!

One of my knitting resolutions this year was to learn to make socks. I started my socks last June with help from my aunt. Something didn’t “click” and I just set them aside. Well I picked them back up again in early January and I finished the first one on the 8th and the second one was finshed by the 18th! I already bought some yarn to make the DBF some socks too. Looks like I’m a sock knitter!
I made these out of Lang Yarns Super Soxx with 5 DPNs in size 2. The self-striping yarn made sure I wasn’t bored and…they match!!!
I’ve been wearing them all day, so they look a little stretched out in the second picture. Do they remind anyone else of Heidi?

Great job! I really like the colors. :cheering:

Beautiful! I’m working on my first sock right now. Hopefully mine will turn out as well as yours!

Those are awesome!! Good for you! makes me want to start a pair

These are some really nice socks. I am planning on doing some socks this year. Yours are definitely encouraging me.

Yay they look great!

:thumbsup: Great job!! Very pretty colors!! :woohoo:

Great socks!

Wonderful job! Kind of addicting, aren’t they?

Those look wonderful! Congrats on finishing them and I hope you enjoy knitting many more pairs! :slight_smile:

They look great!! Congrats!! :happydance:

I’m on my second pair of socks now. I want to have some OTN all the time.

Wohooooooo congrats to you my friend!! Those look wonderful. Now, come here and teach me how to do that please. It is my knitting resolution to learn to knit sox as well. I am DETERMINED!!!

First I have to finish the shawl though…

:yay: Very nice!

You did a great job!

Is your DBF breathing down your neck for his pair yet? My DH mentions ‘his socks’ every week or so, always with a smile, since I’m busy with things for DGD.

Actually, I think I’m more excited than he is! I keep saying- “look honey, look at the cuff of your sock!” or “ohhh, look at how the stripes are coming out!”. He’s like “yeah…great…okay”. He likes my knitting hobby though. He brags to all his friends and makes me show them my current project!

Gosh, they look like you had to plan the yarn to get an exact match! Looks kinda professional! :teehee:

I had to pull out yards and yards of yarn before I found the place I started from, but I think it was worth it!

what stitch pattern did you use for the cuff, and about how long is that cuff?

very NICE!!

must be nice

It’s just a k2, p2 rib and it’s an inch long.
It’s very nice to have him brag about my knitting- he should since he gets so many nice handknitted gifts!