My first socks

I’ve got my camera cable sorted so I can finally post a pic of my socks!

Great job. I love the colors!

so pretty-what yarn is that?

They look great!! I love the color of the yarn… very pretty :woot:

The yarn is Robin ‘Print’ DK :mrgreen: I got 2 balls of it and it looks like I’ll get another pair (which my mum has claimed) out of them :cheering:

Wow! Those are some BRIGHT socks! Lovely job!

Yaaaay for you. They look fantastic :slight_smile:

Great job! Awesome yarn. Did you use Silver’s tutorial?

Yep! Silver is the best :yay:

Great job. It gives me inspiration. Soon I will try to make my first pair too! Love the bright colours. Congrats!

very nice! Inspiring!

Fab socks…you will certainly get noticed wearing them x

Beautiful! What pattern did you use?

Yeah! You can do it!! :cheering:

I used the ‘toe up on 12 circular needles’ tutorial on here -->

Once I got past the heel I accidently reversed the stockinette so I just carried that on until I got to a point where I wanted to start ribbing. I duplicated the accident in the second sock so it became the design :teehee:

These socks look so festive! Great job :thumbsup:! I should be starting my second pair and i look forward to it. Aren’t socks fun:woot:?

I love that you made a mistake and made it a design feature, that’s just the way I do it :stuck_out_tongue: They look great!

Were they hard? They are nice! I haven’t tip-toed out into the wading pool just yet.


wow - i’m impressed

They weren’t as hard as I thought they would be. I think I would have found it a lot harder without Silvers tuorial though!