My First Socks! THANKS SILVER!

Here are pictures of my first socks, knit with the wonderful help of Silver’s tutorials. The left/top one is the first sock with the saggy ribbing and stretched out gusset. The right/bottom is the second one and much much better IMHO.

Great Job!:thumbsup: I made my first pair using Silver’s tutorial, too. Isn’t it great?

Awesome socks- are you addicted now?

They look great!

Very nicely done! Welcome to the world of sock addiction!

They look great! I love Silver’s tutorial. I’m in process, on my first pair of socks, too. The first sock is done and the second sock is an inch long! LOL!

I am addicted now. I went and bought some long cables and duplicate tips for my options so I can learn the other techniques, these were both done on DPN’s, and went swimmingly.

These are beautiful…I love the yarn that you have used.
Beware though, I started knitting socks in October, I can’t stop now, it is so addictive!!!:knitting:

My fiance isn’t helping, he saw me do these, and now he wants me to go buy some super warm alpaca yarn and make him boot socks to get him through the rest of the winter, he does construction and gets cold toes.

Look there are two of them already! :teehee: Great job :slight_smile:

Just beautiful!! Congrats!

:happydance: Great job!! Welcome to the addicting world of socks

They look very nice. Good job! :thumbsup: