My first sock

I’ve only got the first one done right now. I will try to cast on for the second one later. It really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and it was def. fun. I will be making more! :mrgreen:

Some problems I had that I will try to figure out as I go with the next sock:

  1. When I went from the cuff to the heel, somehow I knit a row on the wrong side, so you can see the purl bumps on the outside of the sock. I think I split for the heel wrong

  2. On one side of the sock where I picked up the stitches I have a small hole. Not sure what I did there.

  3. The bottom of the sock has a ladder running through it. Not too big, but it’s there. That’s the only place where it happened.

  4. I messed up the kitchener stitch. I couldn’t get a good pic of it but I have a stitch that goes straight across.

Oh, and please ignore the stain on the couch and the missing paint on the wall–I have 4 kids (3 of them boys) nothing is safe!:rofl:

Thats wonderful!
Husband got me a knitting kit for christmas.
I need to start soon

For your first attempt, I think that sock looks wonderful! Congrats and cast on soon so you don’t end up with Second Sock Syndrome.

May I suggest Silver’s Sock Tutorial… great advice and pictures! If you follow it exactly you will be whipping up socks in no time flat! Here’s the link…

I think you did a great job!

For Kitchener stitch, you should check out the video here on Knitting Help–I think it’s the best resource out there for showing how to do it.

On the small hole where you picked up stitches–you might have just picked them up a little unevenly and had a small gap–but not a big deal!

Congratulations on the socky goodness. :slight_smile:

Looks great!! I have three boys too, (and the littlest is a girl! finally! lol) so I know what you mean :teehee:

Nice job!

Wow, I hear you on the Kitchener stitch!:gah: Marria’s right about the KH video. It’s great! I wish I’d had computer access when I ran into trouble with the stitch!

I got little ladders, too, on the socks I just finished after many years away from knitting, but I figure that more practice and an extra tug on the yarn when changing needles should solve the problem. :slight_smile:

So I have to ask…what is Second Sock Syndrome?

Second Sock Syndrome is when you just can’t bring yourself to knit that second sock, or when you do, you just can’t quite get it to match the first one.

I took a sock knitting workshop and the instructor suggested having two sets of needles and casting on and working each section of the sock for each sock before moving on, so I’ve used that to avoid the dreaded SSS.

Congrats on finishing your first sock! It’s beautiful! I still haven’t done that! Got it started, but Xmas gifts got in the way. I’m working my way back to it though. :slight_smile:

I do the same thing. It is a great way to avoid SSS and to keep the socks matching.

Love the colors of your sock ! Aren’t socks addictive. I too work mine simultaneously so that I cannot get second sock syndrome.

great job. I have yet to tackle socks. I like the colors in yours

Very nice! Like you I just finished my first pair of socks, and like you I ended up with the very same ridge! I could not figure out for the life of me what I did wrong (it couldn’t be the two (or three) glasses of wine I enjoyed while I knitted could it? :slight_smile: I figured I added to the wrong side of the sock first. Can anyone confirm what would cause this problem? I figured my first pair should be imperfect and I’m wearing them as they are. I’m getting ready to start my second pair and want to tackle the “2 at a time” method.

Lisa in ND

Great Job!

These are cute! Love the colour combination!

I think it looks great for a first sock :thumbsup:

:woot: Congrats on your first sock, it looks great!

Nice job on the sock! I got a little hole on one side of each sock that I made too. I once read a tip on how to avoid doing that, but now I can’t remember what it was.

That sock looks very nice–congrats! For those occasional little holes (at least the unintended ones) that you only discover after the fact, don’t be afraid to take a tapestry needle to the wrong side and fix it. It often takes just one small whip stitch to cover over the hole.

To avoid SSS, I explored the magic loop, 2-at-a-time method but found it confusing and unpleasant. It never occurred to me to make 2 at a time on entirely separate needles! Wonderful idea!