My first sock!

Here’s my first sock! :happydance: (worn by my toddler)

Now, a deep breath as I dive into sock #2 . . .

That’s gorgeous!! Good luck on #2! :mrgreen:

Great job! I love seeing it on your little girl. Hope you have fun with the second, the second time on anything is always easier!

Way to go Tangles!!! Those colours are just gorgeous. I bet Princess loves her new sox. Good job, great work!

Yeah! Learning to knit socks can seem so intimidating. Your’s looks like it was made by a pro!

great looking sock - I just finished my first pair of socks toocloud9 and went back to the store and got more yarn for more socks. Toddler socks are fun to make.

:yay: Congrats on your first sock!! It looks wonderful and welcome to the addiction of sock making :teehee:

Congrats! It looks great. How exciting that first sock! Good luck w/ #2…tell us when you are done how long it took #2 vs #1:slight_smile:

that looks great!

Looks good!

Wow!!! the are tooooo cute.
i love them i cant wait til i can make some socks.
they are cute!!

Nice sock! Have fun making the second one!