My first sock!

Hi, I’m new here. This is my first post. I completed my first sock today. Up until now I’ve mainly been knitting scarves. For the sock I used this tutorial. Here’s my sock:

It looks okay from the side, but the toe’s (2nd picture, top view) kind of weird, or at least it looks weird to me. It was also my first attempt at kitchener stitch, which I didn’t do very well on at all.

The sock’s pretty tight on my foot and not very comfortable. I started it on 3’s, but the ribbing seemed really loose, so I ripped it back and used 2’s instead. Maybe that was a mistake? I would love to hear anyone’s tips for how to make sure my next sock will fit better and whatnot. Also, I probably won’t make a twin for this one since it’s so uncomfortable, so I would also appreciate any recommendations for another good beginner-ish pattern, maybe a bit less basic than this one.

Thanks in advance!

Ohh I love that color! And your sock looks great! :thumbsup:

What a pretty color! They look great to me! :inlove:

Looks great to me! Ive not been daring enough for socks :slight_smile: I think my first socks might go with my 2nd attempt at felting…just incase.

Good job keep it up!

I agree, it looks really great. I think your toe looks fine as well

As for a tip you want, check your gauge. When it’s the same as the pattern, your sock will fit.

Looks great - the colors are wonderful!

Hey thanks so much, guys. I guess it’s better than I thought it was! As for the gauge, I couldn’t really find anything about gauge on the sock tutorial I was using. Maybe it was there and I just missed it. But anyway, I appreciate all your comments!

It looks great! Good job!!

On the website for my local yarn shop she has a very cute and easy pattern for a ruffled sock. It is made with a DK weight yarn. I really like her patterns they are so easy to follow. The pattern is located on the bottom of the first page on the left hand corner. Hope you like it!

That’s a good looking sock…you should be proud!
As for fitting your sock. A great tutorial can be found here, which is essentially, where I learned to knit socks.
Okay, here’s what you do…measure the circumference of the foot around the ball of the foot (this is usually the biggest part of the foot); then check your gauge and multiply your gauge by the circumference and subtract 5% for snugness.
For example…if the circumference is 9 in and your gauge is 8.5 in, then multiply 9x8.5=76.5 and if you want your sock to be snug, subtract 5%, - 73 sts…I recommend rounding up or down to the nearest # that is divisible by 4…I say that because I generally use a 2x2 rib…so, the nearest number divisible by 4 is 72…cast on 72 sts (or, whatever # you have when you fill in the blanks for this equation :wink: )…you should then have a nice fit :smiley:

it looks great! It seems a lot of people like that tutorial – I’ve been thinking about starting my first set of socks as well. I’m off to the craft store today to buy some more needles and yarn. :slight_smile:

Well done!

I laughed when I read this, because the first time I saw a handknitted sock in person I thought “OMG that is so freaking not right!” But once they’re on they look much better :thumbsup:

Very sharp!!! :drooling: Nice work!!

Thank you to everyone who has replied. I’ve started on this sock. I’m still on the ribbing, but I will post a picture when I’m done with it.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Sock Knitting. I doubt you’ll ever want to leave! :smiley:

Your sock looks great! I’m using Silver’s tutorial too. I haven’t gotten too far yet, since I’ve been working on some Christmas presents, but it’s been fun so far! Oh, and my brother and sister-in-law used to live in Fayetteville.

Great job! Your stitches look perfect!

They look great! Congratulations!!! :thumbsup:

I am still uncapable of knitting socks, I have tried several times and still cant do it… :crying:

Oh, you can do it Melissa! Use Silver’s tutorial and watch Amy’s videos–and ask questions here!

As for the first sock, Julie, it looks wonderful! And I love that yarn. Toes on handknit socks look absolutely bizarre–I was sure I’d done something wrong! But nope, that’s just what they look like! :wink:

Thanks Angelia! I will try once I unpack, we are in the process of moving… :doh: