My first sock

Hi everyone,

I have been reading this board for awhile now and some of you have inspired me to try my first pair of socks. I am just using a basic pattern from the Sockulator web site. And I am just about done with the first one but ran into a bit of a problem. I can normally find most of the problems that I run into on here but this one has me still searching.

Anyways, for some reason it seems my rows are sort of sprialing…when I got to the toe tip it was sideways instead of straight across the toe. I haven’t missed any stitches and have been following the pattern (I HOPE) right down to the letter. Long story short I was a bit upset and ripped out the toe before realizing that maybe it just needed to be tried on and would have straightened it’s self out but when I see everyone elses work it all seems to lay straight.

Any help or ideas would be most appreciated.


Bump for the sock knitters!!

I’m not sure why your sts are spiraling, a pic would be helpful. As for the toe, it sounds like you didn’t have your sts in the proper place for kitchener st…did u kitchener the toe yet, is this what you mean, that when you grafted them together that they were up & down, rather than sideways? If this is the case, you had the sts misaligned; they should be on 2 needles, with one needle that has the sts from the instep (top of the sock/foot) and the other need that has the sts from the botton of the sock/foot after you have decreased & are ready to kitchener, this will allow for horizontal kitchener stitching. Now, if this isn’t the case, I’m sorry, I didn’t understand, but I’m sure someone else will.

OH, I just thought of this, with your spiraling rows, is this while you are decreasing the toes? If so, perhaps you chose a star toe on the sockulator? U can see a star toe here, but it usually doesn’t require kitchener; but if you were decreasing in the same fashion, that could be your answer.
I’m terribly sorry that I couldn’t be of more help.

The sock looked great after I finished the heel and decreasing down to my origional stitches. The problem is in the length of the foot. Which is just knitting and knitting rows and rows till I get my desired foot length. Except when I am to start the toe the spot when I placed my marker for the center of the bottom of the heel doesn’t line up with where the center of the of the two needles the pattern has me using for the bottom of the foot. The body of the foot seems to be not straight rows when looking at it from the side.
Could I possibly be knitting to tight on one side only or something?
How would I post photo’s on here??

Thanks so much for trying to help even though I don’t even know how to make myself clear.


I’m so sorry, Christine, I don’t understand exactly what you mean (I’m a very visual person) To post a photo here u click on the “browse” button @ the bottom, then pick the photo from your photo file, then click “add attachement,” although, the photos on here are not supposed to be larger than 500 pixels wide, so u may need to reduce the size of your pic; or you can link to photobucket or a photo hosting site if you have one (fyi, most are free up to a certain amt of photos). I’m so sorry I can’t help you. I’m sure someone else will be able to.

Okay, I am trying to visualize what’s going on. Do you have 1/2 of your sts on 2 needles and 1/2 on the other 2? Let’s say you have 64 sts, you should have 32 for the instep (top of the sock/foot) and 32 for the bottom (these are the same set of sts that you used for the heel); then when you start decreasing for the toe (around 1.5-2in less than desired total length of sock) you will begin your knitting round with the center of the bottom of the foot sts (these are the set of sts u used for the heel), on needle 1 you knit to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1; needle 2 you k1, ssk, knit remaining sts; needle 3; knit to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1; needle 4 you k1, ssk, knit remaining sts. Then do a knit round then repeat decrease round…continue in this fashion until you have the # of sts stated by your pattern for grafting. You then place the sts from needles 1 & 4 on 1 needle (these are on the bottom of the sock); then place the sts from needles 2 & 3 on one needle (these are on the instep/top of the sock), then graph…these needles should now be positioned with 1/2 of the sts on the instep (top of the foot) and the other 1/2 on the bottom of the foot…then graph.
Help in any way? Or did I confuse you?

Hi Rebecca,
I really really appreciate your taking the time to try to help me. But my camera is on loan to a friend for the weekend. So hopefully I will figure out how to post a photo on Monday and I will keep myself busy with other stuff I am working on.
I am not the best at explaining things to begin with but I wanted to let you know I truly appreciate your patience with me.


:smiley: U are certainly welcome, Christine! I’m not very good @ explaining either, I can show you something much easier than I can explain it…LOL!