My first sock weight sock!

I’m so excited! I’ve made worsted weight Thuja socks for dh before but never sock weight socks.

rest of photos here

It’s the Jacobean

those are gorgeous! Congratulations

That’s a beautiful sock pattern! You did great!

Very nice! I really like the pattern, and your choice of color. You have very good taste, I can tell because I’m waiting for delivery of a sofa of almost that very same color.:yay:

Very Nice work!:cheering:

Wow! Congrats! It’s beautiful! Love that stitch pattern!

That is a beautiful sock! I love it!

Great looking sock and I LOVE that colour. You did a wonderful job for your first sock weight sock! Keep up the good work.

Thank you everyone!

I dyed this yarn myself to get that color - I’m really happy with it. Dh picked it.

Then they are even more special. You did a fantastic dye job. I just LOVE that colour. Red is my all time favourite. Way to go! Keep up the great work!

Great socks! Sockweight is so much finer than worsted weight and they make socks so much more special. Love the colour too- how did you do that???

The sock is lovely and a great clour…Socks are much nicer knitted in finer yarn x

thank you everyone!

I used dyes from dharma and vinegar to set them.

Looks beautiful and a great pattern

great job!!!:cheering:

Those are just GORGEOUS!! and I LOVE the color-you should be soo proud :slight_smile:

it’s looks very pretty!

Wonderful pair :thumbsup:

:happydance: Great job!!

Lovely color, and nice work on the socks. It looks like these may be for you instead of DH. :slight_smile: