My first sock pattern!

Im ALL excited…

CindyH of KH and Cherry Blossom Fibers has listed my first sock design (Rippling Dunes) in her Etsy shop!!!


Cherry Blossom Fibers has GORGEOUS merino, superwash and other handpainted yarns… Ive added LOTS of them to my stash already. Check them OUT!!! :out:

:cheering: I like the pattern alot…Another item for my Christmas list :happydance: Sissy

What a pretty sock that makes, I just might have to buy that pattern for myself!

:muah: :muah: :muah:


I just wrote a post a few minutes ago, but it didn’t post, so I’ll just put it here…

I’m delighted to be able to offer a pattern by KellyK! The socks knit up gorgeously and the pattern is well-written - definitely “doable” even to someone like me, who can be easily confused by knitting patterns. And I’m so thankful that Kelly would want to collabo with little ol me! :hug:

And just a reminder - free shipping for KH-ers for all my items (except the pattern since it would be e-mailed) - just put “KH” in the notes, and I’ll send an adjusted invoice. Along with my usual handdyed sock yarns, I’ve added other types of handdyed yarns and also some handdyed roving and handdyed handcarded batts for the spinners out there!

Thanks for looking, and have a happy Thanksgiving everyone! :muah:

OMGosh… I wanted to thank all of my friends here (I THINK you are all here!) who have supported me and my pattern… the first 4 “sold out”!! They never REALLY sell out, of course, because they are emailed upon payment, but WOW! THanks SO much!! :muah:

Great pattern KK! Congrats :slight_smile:


Since the first “batch” of my pattern sold out, I thought Id update the link…

Rippling Dunes Sock Pattern

I am SO excited for you!!! :muah:

do you copywrite? or send in a request for a tax number also? How can you be sure that your pattern is unique? I am interested in knowing the whole process, are there sites to help me?

The pattern is sooooo pretty! But I want… no NEED that green yarn in the shop. Must… Have… yarn…

your pattern sold out 4 days ago :frowning:

jberry, try the new link. There are 4 for sale there.

There’s no way to “run out” of them… a PDF file is emailed as soon as Cindy receives payment! :cheering: She is listing them 4 at a time because she had to pick a number. :shrug:

Looks like she’s going to have to list a higher number. :thumbsup:

I’m reading Sensational Knitted Socks. I will buy your pattern once I’m comfortable with knitting socks! :hug:

Not to hijack your thread but I DID IT!! I GOT THE GREEN YARN!!! WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!! faints

That’s no hijack at all! Cindy’s yarns are GAWGEOUS! THey inspired my pattern!

KellyK! See what you made me do? Now I bought the blue yarn, too. You’re such a bad influence. :muah: And boy am I glad!!!