My first sock ever!

Wooo :happydance: THANK YOU SILVER YOU ROCK!

I followed Silver’s tutorial, I made a host of mistakes that I hope not to make on my main proper sock yarn, but below is my first ever sock. This was a test sock, made using 100% acrylic double knitting wool. Its the same yarn I made the hat with as a tester too.

I’m so amazed at how easy this was in reality. It looked so hard, but the tutorial rocks so much. I found myself amazed at the magic of turning a heel and even more amazed at how Kitchener Stitch works so well for grafting.

:cheering: Thank you again Silver for such a wonderful tutorial. Now to cast on my Regia sock yarn =D

Please excuse the photo quality. I am stuck and not able to move to a room with better lighting conditions - I have bursitis in my knee =( Oh and the bag my foot is resting on is my new knitting bag =D It is a messenger bag that was given to me at a conference in January with a load of marketing junk in it. I found it under my desk at work this week and thought “hrm that might be good for knitting!”

I’ll get better shots when I can move =(

Edit: Oh and the cuff is folded in half - it is 6" long and I wanted to get to turn the heel so I didn’t do the full 8" :rofling: I folded it in half to photograph since there are a couple of niggly little mistakes I didn’t want to show =P

Very nice!

Great sock! It looks perfect! :cheering:

Sorry your not doing well. :frowning: Hope you feel better soon.

I love the sock, it looks great! Isn’t sock knitting cool?

Welcome to the wonderful world of sock knitting!! :cheering:
Great job!! :thumbsup:

Thansk Pixy! Yep sock knitting is the roxxor! I bought some regia sock yarn in the week and have been dying to try it. I promised myself I’d finish the test sock first =D I should put the laptop down and get to it :rofling:

It looks great!

Great job! :thumbsup:

:smiley: Good looking sock :wink:

I remember my first sock. It’s great to get a new technique or skill going! Wonderful job.

Hope the knee is better soon!

Mama Bear

Your first sock looks wonderful!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

I’m firmly convinced that if you can knit a sock, you can knit anything–I mean it’s all there in one wee place! :happydance:

Great work! :slight_smile:

YAY!!! Another sock knitter is born! :cheering:

Yay for you!!! Great job! :thumbsup:

:cheering: Looks great!