My first sock! (3 pics)

I’m so happy to present my first sock. Pattern is Freya, done in KP Essentials Riverbed. And just in time for Broncos kick-off (maybe I’ll finish the 2nd sock before the season ends)!

Pic with flash:

Natural light:

And my short little foot:

Wow that sock is lovely…great colour and pattern…and yes you have got dinky feet x

So pretty!:yay:

Those are great! Keep up the good work!

Pretty sock, looks great…Isn’t that yarn soft?

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=red]WOOOHOOOOOO!!! Way to go Wild!!! Those are lovely. Where on earth did you find such a beautiful colored yarn (yep you guessed it, die-hard bronco fan)??? [COLOR=#000080]GOOOO BRONCOS!!!:thumbsup: :x: [/COLOR][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

That’s your FIRST sock? Oh my gosh it’s gorgeous! If you can do that well on your first sock, I can’t to see your next pair!

[CENTER][SIZE=4]WOW! Nice work! And your first one too! :thumbsup: [/SIZE][/CENTER]

:aww: Thanks so much all!

fibrenut, check out, it’s their essential, colorway is Riverbed. I think I squeeled when I first saw it, and ordered 4 skeins :mrgreen:

Well, they lost to the Raiders :verysad: but the season ain’t over yet, and I’ve got another sock to knit!

:waah: AWWWW man, say it ain’t so:passedout: !!! O well, but dang, THE RAIDERS??? Sigh!!!
I will have to look for that my Mom would love sox made with that colorway OMG!!! She’s got to be one of the most vocal fans when she watches em on T.V.:noway:
Sooo, yer a Bronco fan huh? You live in CO? Like way way kewl!!!

:woot: Great job!! I love the pattern and the color…looks wonderful :woot:

that is incredible for your first sock!!!

Great job! :slight_smile: