My First Sleeve.......Dec. Question

I’m making this Textured Cotton Chenille Sweatshirt and this is my first sleeve ever…I need to ask a question…

The pattern reads:

SLEEVES: Work from sleeve top to cuff. With larger size single point needles cast on 69(77,77)sts. [Or see Sleeve Note at bottom of pattern for knitting sleeves directly on sweater body.]

Row 1: RS: Purl
Row 2: K1, *p3 tog, (kpk), rep from * until 4 sts rem, p3 tog, k1.
Row 3,5,7,9: Purl.
Row 4: K1, (kpk), p3 tog, rep from until 2 sts rem, (kpk),k1.
Row 6: Repeat row 2.
Row 8: K2 tog, *p3 tog, (kpk), rep from * until 5 sts rem, p3 tog, k2 tog. (place marker to note decrease row). [Note: It is easier to keep track if you do all dec’s on a purl row.]
Row 10: K1, *(kpk), p3 tog, rep from * to end. Continue in pattern as for rows 1 -4, at the same time, dec (as in row 8) every 6th row until 31 sts rem. Work until sleeve measures 16.75 (18.25,18.25)".

But the first decrease (“Row 8” above) was NOT on a purl row!

:shrug: Looks like a typo to me since the decreases seem to be k2tog.

That’s what I thought, but not having enough experience, I didn’t know for sure. Thanks! :hug:

OK…another question. If I keep decreasing every 6 rows, I will end up with 1 side of the sleeve decreased, but not the other??? :??

In other words, the sleeve won’t make this triangle that they are supposed to?:

Yes it will…

K2 tog, *p3 tog, (kpk), rep from * until 5 sts rem, p3 tog, k2 tog

as far as I can see, there is a k2tog at both ends of this sleeve, so you will be decreasing both sides.

Oh duh!!! :doh: I didn’t see the k2 at the beginning!..:frog:

Thanks!!! That’s what you get for being a knitter who doesn’t like to read directions!

Hi, I have been looking at that particular pattern and today I went to check it out again and see they have a revised pattern. I didn’t printout the pattern when I first saw it, so I am not sure what the actual revisions are? Maybe you can tell and it might help if you encounter any other problems?? :shrug:

I figured out the decreases are on the rows that start with kpk rather than p3tog. That way your usual row of k1, kpk becomes k2 together and your bobbles will still be offset just perfectly as with the rest of the sweater.

I hope that makes sense. It’s really easy once I finally read the instructions :teehee: