My first single crochet

i just finished my first strip of single crochet! :happydance:

its kinda messy, but i’ll post the pic anyway


I was never into crochet, but one day I want to learn. I never got further than making ‘blankets’, meaning I just single crocheted or triple crocheted my brains out until I got tired.

I probably have 3 or 4 unfinished ‘blankets’ somewhere!

:cheering: :cheering:
Good job I want to try crochet next… I have a DVD that show’s how to start…
Yeah!! :cheering: :eyebrow:

i crochet, but i hate single crochet, i don’t know why, i just do. good for you for learning.

Good for you! It’s a good thing to know along with knitting.

Congratulations!! Hey you are doing great!! I’ve been an avid crocheter for many many years and love it :slight_smile: It’s so much more than blankets and granny squares :teehee:

Single crochets are pretty boring and it takes forever to make something any kind of size with them… but use it as practice and don’t give up on the rest of it. It’s a lovely craft to have :heart: :cheering:

Yay, you! Yay, crochet! May you be forever “hooked”.

thanx, i’m going to try double crochet today too

Great job! I think you’ll find double crochet just as fun, and easy. :cheering: