My First Scarf


I am knitting my very first project - a scarf (of course) using just knitting stitches. Making it out of Red Heart Easy Tweed Yarn-Butternut using Size 11 needles…the needles are acrylic, wow, those work slick!

Took me forever to figure out how to cast on (thanks for the videos here…) I used the long tail double cast on method, and could get everything but the last part of it and FINALLY the simplicity of it fell into place when I figured out it came OFF my thumb and that was part of the stitch/cast on. DUH!

Now I have about 3 inches knitted (30 on each row)…I have a couple little boo boos in it, but this is my “learning” piece and I’m having fun.

It will be nice when I don’t have to focus quite so much!

I knit just a little bit as a child, but Mom always did the cast-on for me. Knitting itself …like riding a bike…came right back to me…however, I don’t know much but that! So I have a LOT to learn!

Good luck! I started knitting for the first time on this day last year and I’ve already made quite a bit. Don’t worry–learning comes quickly

Don’t worry–learning comes quickly

And as Ingrid (?) says, “Trust the pattern!” I’ve found it very relaxing to just let go of my questions and knit what I’m told to knit.

Don’t forget to post a picture of your first FO!!

Now you’ll be hooked! I have a friend who only does scarves and she never says she’s “knitting”. She says she’s “scarfing”.